Important Notice FlashAir may have a security vulnerability related to the generation and management of WPA2 key. To learn more, please read the letter from Toshiba Memory Corporation.

Developers Support


Providing frequently asked questions and answers about FlashAir.

Developer Forum

The Developer Forum helps contributors find answers for development issue and help others solve problems. Technical support team also participates in the developer forum.

Contact Technical Support

We are accepting technical questions on FlashAir. Account registration is necessary to inquire technical support.

Stack Overflow

The best place to ask Technical Questions is on Stack Overflow. Make sure you use the flashair tag! Our developer forum is another place to get help from your fellow FlashAir developers.

Business Support

Contact Form

For development partnership inquiries, please contact us on the Contact Form.
For purchasing, please contact Toshiba Memory Corporation directly.

Non-Developer Support

We frequently get inquiries from non-developer users. Unfortunately FlashAir Developers can't offer support with general usage inquiries (e.g. Compatible devices, how to use iOS/Android apps, and how to connect to WiFi), FlashAir failure, or connection trouble. For general usage inquiries, please read the FAQ .
Please contact your local dealer or Toshiba memory Corporation directly for these matters.

FlashAirâ„¢ Configuration Software

It is necessary software for FlashAir users to set up FlashAir on your computer.
We will update the latest information at here from time to time, please check.

FlashAirâ„¢ Software Update Tool

In order to use FlashAir comfortably, we recommend software update with this tool.
If you are using FlashAir W-04 please click here .