WiFi configuration

Latest update: August 2016

In this tutorial, we’re going to cover the basics using the WiFi device from Lua. This includes scanning nearby networks and connecting to one, as well as uploading files once connected.


First, lets try listing the local networks and logging them to a file. This script is probably best run onBoot, and note that fa.Scan and fa.GetScanInfo may be unavailable if the FlashAir is already connected to a network.

This script will scan for available WiFi networks,
and output their SSIDs to a file.

local logfile = "ssidList.txt"

count = fa.Scan()
-- Open the log file
local outfile = io.open(logfile, "w")

-- Write a header
outfile:write("SSID list: \n")

--Note that the ssids start at 0, and go to (count-1)
for i=0, (count-1), 1 do
	ssid, other = fa.GetScanInfo(i)
	outfile:write(i..": "..ssid)


Next, lets try scanning for a specific SSID, connecting to it when we see it, and triggering an upload script. In this case, we’ll trigger the dropbox tutorial from earlier.

This script will scan for a specific network, and if it sees it
will connect... then trigger a dropbox uploading script!
It logs to a file.

local logfile 	= "wifiConnect.txt"
local SSID 		= "VITP_Open" -- SSID to connect to
local PASSWORD 	= "" --A blank password should be used for an open network
local uploader	= "dropbox_tut.lua"

-- Open the log file
local outfile = io.open(logfile, "w")

while true do

	-- Initiate a scan
	count = fa.Scan(SSID)
	--count = fa.Scan()
	--See if we found it
	if count > 0 then
		--ssid, other = fa.GetScanInfo(0) --Should return SSID provided
		for i=0, (count-1), 1 do
			found_ssid, other = fa.GetScanInfo(i)
			if SSID == found_ssid then
				--We did!
				print("Found: "..SSID.."... attempting to connect.")
				outfile:write("Found: "..SSID.."... attempting to connect.")

	if found == 1 then break end --If we found it, stop looping

--We should only get here if the above loop found the network
--fa.Connect has no return, but if the SSID and password are correct it should work.
fa.Connect(SSID, PASSWORD)

--Execute the upload script
--Close our log file

All sample code on this page is licensed under BSD 2-Clause License