FlashAir IoT Hub Tutorial

Introducing tutorials of FlashAir IoT Hub.

  1. Flow of using FlashAir IoT Hub

    Overview. Guide prerequisites.

  2. Display graph of the measured value

    Tutorials about how to send measured values from FlashAir to FlashAir IoT Hub and record them and graph display of measured values.

  3. Uploading files

    Tutorials about how to upload and display files on FlashAir to FlashAir IoT Hub.

  4. Application example of GPIO function

    Tutorials about how to monitor the input to the GPIO connected to FlashAir and to remotely control the output from the FlashAir IoT Hub.

  5. Run Lua script

    Tutorials about how to let Lua script on FlashAir run remotely from FlashAir IoT Hub.

  6. How to use FlashAir IoT Hub API

    Tutorial introducing FlashAir IoT Hub API usage procedure.

  7. FlashAir IoT Hub API usage example(server-side Web application)

    Tutorial introducing a sample of server side web application using FlashAir IoT Hub API.

  8. Cooperation between FlashAir IoT Hub and IFTTT

    Tutorial introducing the IFTTT linkage function of FlashAir IoT Hub.

  9. FlashAir File Manager

    Tutorial about introducing FlashAir File Manager.

  10. Upload CSV of measurements New

    Introduced the procedure to upload the value of the CSV file on FlashAir to the IoT Hub as the value of the measured value.