Station (STA) mode is a mode to use FlashAir as a client in a wireless LAN. This tutorial shows how to configure FlashAir to be station mode.


Access Point mode

FlashAir runs as a Access Point (AP) mode by default. A wireless LAN device such as a PC and smartphone connects to the FlashAir as a wireless LAN client (station). So the device cannot access to the Internet when the device connected to the FlashAir.


Station mode

We can configure FlashAir to be station mode. It allows for a development machines to access to the FlashAir and the Internent at a same time.


How to configure

We need to set FlashAir operation mode, information about a wireless LAN AP, and a name to identify the Flashair before we configure the card to be station mode. There are two ways to configure: 1) modifying CONFIG file directly, and 2) using config.cgi via wireless LAN connection.

Parameters to change

Following four parameters need to be changed. A word with brackets is a corresponding parameter explained in API Guide / CONFIG.

Operation Mode(APPMODE)

Set this parameter to 5 to change the card as station mode.


Specify a SSID of an AP where the card will connect to.

Wireless LAN Network Key (APPNETWORKKEY)

Specify a keyword of an AP where the card will connect to.

FlashAir Identifier (APPNAME)

Specify a unique name for a FlashAir card to identify it within a wireless LAN.

Method 1: Modify configuration file directly.

We can modify the parameters by editing /SD_WLAN/CONFIG directly.
There are hidden attributes attached to this directory, therefore we will use tools to handle this hidden folder.
(If you use a Mac, edit /Volumes/(Volume Lable Name)/SD_WLAN/CONFIG.)
We need to add a parameter if it does not exist in the file. We need not care about the order of the parameters.

After editing, the file will be like the following example:


Method 2: Using config.cgi

We can change the parameters except FlashAir Identifier (APPNAME) through wireless LAN by using config.cgi.

We need the Mastercode to configure the parameters. If the Mastercode is not set to your card, set it by calling a command. For example:


After that, we will send a command as follows to set parameters:


FlashAir will reboot after it received the configuration command.

Important: If you use an Android device, see Usage Note section below.

How to access FlashAir in Station Mode

We can access FlashAir card which is correctly configured to the Station Mode from a device such as a PC or a smartphone which is connected to the same wireless LAN.

For example, input a URL with the FlashAir identifier (APPNAME) to your browser like:


If you use a Mac, use this instead:


Usage Note

Multiple FlashAir in a LAN

Every FlashAir must have unique identifier (APPNAME) if those join a same wireless LAN.

Supported protocols

FlashAir supports NetBIOS over TCP/IP and Bonjour protocols for an another device to look up the FlashAir via the network. (See below.) If you have a trouble to access FlashAir, please check if your device or access point supports those protocols.

Especially, Android device generally does not support them.

If your device or access point does not support those protocols, you can use IP address directly assigned by the access point instead, for example:

Important: FlashAir does not support Bonjour Service Announcement.