Last update: October 2017

"iSDIO" is an extended command of SD interface. It enables you advanced and precise control of wireless LAN function of FlashAir mounted on SD host device such as microcomputer board. FlashAir becomes the HTTP communication co-processor, as it were.

iSDIO is available in Firmware Versions 1.00.00+.

For firmware version 4.00.00, only SD mode is supported.

For firmware version 4.00.01+, iSDIO commands can be issued in SPI mode by using CMD17/24. For details on how to use, please click here.

About iSDIO

iSDIO (intelligent SDIO) is an SD Association standard used to control advanced SD memory cards, such as FlashAir.

Specifically, iSDIO is a process for passing commands back and forth between SD cards and host devices, based on specifications provided by "Addendums".

For example, FlashAir is compliant with the "Wireless LAN Addendum".

A simplified version of the iSDIO specification is available for download from the SD Association.