What can FlashAir do?

FlashAir is an iSDIO standard compliant device with wireless LAN functionality and a built in micro computer.

Devices with an SD card slot such as cameras and PCs (i.e. SD host devices) will recognize the FlashAir as a SDHC memory card, and read/write data. Furthermore, SD host devices that support iSDIO commands can control the FlashAir's wireless LAN directly.

Since the FlashAir has a built in web server, Wi-Fi devices can connect to the FlashAir and access its contents using HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and any modern browser.


  • Wireless LAN - Control Wireless LAN functions, such as enabling AP/STA mode, using both simultaneously (bridge mode), and scanning SSIDs.
  • HTTP - HTTP communication via Wireless LAN
  • Web server - By issuing HTTP GET requests to files on the FlashAir, you can download them. The FlashAir API includes CGI commands to get list of files and to customize your configuration.
  • Script - You can execute Lua scripts on FlashAir.
  • PIO - FlashAir supports PIO.
  • SD - You can read from and write files on the internal flash memory.
  • Other - You can read from and write SRAM.

FlashAir Application Development

Application development depends on the type of device you're using.

Smartphone or Browser Application Development
To get started with developing a smartphone or web application, go to Overview of FlashAir Application Development.
  • Smartphone application for iOS/Android
  • Web browser

Embedded Device Development
To get started with developing an embedded application using iSDIO or Lua scripting, go to Overview of Devices with FlashAir.
  • Arduino devices

FlashAir Versions

There are three generations of FlashAir cards: First generation, Second generation (W-02) and Third generation (W-03).

The first generation supports firmware version 1.00s, the second generation supports 2.00s, and the third generation supports 3.00s. The second and third generation cards come with speed improvements and a massively expanded API.

Generation 3rd 2nd 1st
Series FlashAir W-03 FlashAir W-02 FlashAir
Speed Class Class 10 Class 10 Class 6
Firmware version 3.00s 2.00s 1.00s
Firmware version string ex. FA9CAW3AQ3.00.00 ex. F19BAW3AW2.00.03 ex. F24A6W3AW1.00.04
How to pass a list of files to List.htm As a JavaScript codelet As a JavaScript codelet As a list of comma-separated value
FlashAir Drive(WebDAV)
Internet Pass-Thru Mode
Long filename *
UTF-8 filename *
Browser utility customization
iSDIO support
PIO support
Lua Scripting
Available CGI commands command.cgi 25 23 10
config.cgi 12 9 6
thumbnail.cgi 1 1 1
update.cgi 5 5 5

* Information about the 3rd generation card is based on Firmware Version 3.00.00. Also, 2nd on 2.00.03, and 1st on 1.00.04.