What's FlashAir?

FlashAir is the SDHC memory card with embedded Wireless LAN functionality. Since FlashAir works as a stand alone Wireless LAN access point, FlashAir embedded devices are able to both send files to and receive files from each other. FlashAir also retains the normal functionality of an SD card, allowing general Wi-Fi devices like PCs and smartphones to access its contents.

FlashAir SD cards are available in most countries, and they have been confirmed to work with most cameras and other electronic devices.

flashair overview


SD Card Standard Compliant

FlashAir is fully compliant with the SD Card standards defined by the SD Association.

Wireless Data Transfer

Any data stored on a FlashAir SD card can be read and transferred wirelessly using standard WLAN communication. For example, photos taken with a digital camera can be transferred wirelessly to a PC, smartphone or Tablet PC.

Easy Wireless Set Up

It is easy to set up the connection from a PC or smartphone to a FlashAir card.

You are encouraged to maintain good security practices by using an SSID and network security key.

Supports Multiple Simultaneous Connections

You can share data using multiple connections simultaneously. The Access Point created by a FlashAir card can be accessed by several remote hosts at the same time.

Low Power Consumption

Wireless function is switched ON only when necessary in order to prevent wasteful battery power consumption.

Available Worldwide

Since FlashAir is certified according to Wireless Authentication in the US, Canada, EU, Japan, and other Asian countries, you can wirelessly transfer data even while travelling.


FlashAir W-04 NEW FlashAir W-03 FlashAir W-02 FlashAir
Card capacity 16GB 32GB 64GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 8GB
Speed Class Class 10 Class 6
Wireless LAN Standard IEEE802.11b/g/n
(2.4GHz SISO, HT20/HT40)
(2.4GHz SISO, 20MHz)

For a detailed specification, visit Toshiba's official FlashAir website W-04 / W-03,W-02,class6

Supported devices

Any device with an SDHC slot can potentially host a FlashAir card. This implies that the device must be able to handle SD cards with more than a 2GB capacity. If you have already used an SD card that has a capacity greater than 2GB with your device, the FlashAir card will also function in your device.

SDHC Memory Card with Wireless LAN

flashair overview

Product Number: THNSW008GAA-B(QB6)

The THNSW008GAA-B(QB6) has a built-in Wi-Fi access point and a Web server function. It has the same hardware configurasion as the FlashAir. You can develop your own apps or set up your own configuration to adapt the card for various devices. The card has no label on the front side; you can affix your own label. The wireless certificate numbers and other information are imprinted on the back side. The certificate numbers in Japan, the USA, Canada and European countries are already imprinted.

*The information on this site is applicable to this card.


Product number THNSW008GAA-B(QB6)
Card capacity 8GB
Speed Class Class 10
Wireless LAN Standard IEEE802.11b/g/n
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