FlashAir streamlines operations

By utilizing FlashAir for day-to-day work, we can make various work efficiency improvements such as simplification of work, simultaneous progress by multiple people, aggregation of information, and expansion of work area.

Since the Flash API has been published, it is easy to link business applications and FlashAir according to industry type and business type. Also, the FlashAir API can be used for free in application examples.

* To actually build the following example, you may need to customize FlashAir.

Case study on efficient use of FlashAir

DentalAir BM Toyo Corporation

FlashAir is adopted as a system "DentalAir" developed by Toyo Co., Ltd. that develops and distributes dental clinic workflows efficiently using IT.

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If you are planning to use FlashAir to streamline work, please contact Toshiba Memory Corporation directly.