Browser Utility Generator

Simply change the logo and the design to get the look you want for a conference!

How to use

  1. Choose the basic design
  2. Upload the logo image
  3. Enter title
  4. Set up buttons to link the documents
    • If the File name is mydocument.pdf, the button gets linked to http://flashair/contents/mydocument.pdf
    • File name can be HTML files, audio files, movie files, etc
    • Buttons can be added or deleted using the and icons
  5. Preview to verify the design. Download and transfer the files to FlashAir
    • The download button can be found inside the preview window
    • The steps to transfer the files to FlashAir can be found at the bottom of this page


Basic design

Supports PC, tablets, and smart phones


Supports BMP/JPG/PNG format, up to 1MB. Image size is reduced automatically.

Current logo

Choose image: 
Press the Upload button after file selection


Download buttons

The number of buttons allowed is between 1 and 6. Use the + - to change the number of buttons.



Installing the generated Browser Utility

  1. Back up the /SD_WLAN/ folder on the FlashAir
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to the root folder. The directory tree will be as shown below:
        +---logo image
        +---CSS file
  3. contents Place the documents to download here.
    If you set "File name" as mydocument.pdf, place the document file so that its location becomes contents/mydocument.pdf
    It is also possible to create directories within
  4. Open the file SD_WLAN/CONFIG, and add the following line: APPAUTOTIME=0 For more details, refer to API Guide: CONFIG
  5. Once finished, remove and reinsert the FlashAir from your PC to restart

Please note that when you change the browser utility, the original function of FlashAir such as showing images or configurating FlashAir from browsers will be disabled. If you need to use the original functions, use the original (backup) List.htm or remove it if it does not exist originally.

Operating environment

The operating environment for the browser utility is as follows (May not be the case for limited-time offers)

  • Internet Explore 8 or above
  • Firefox 27 or above
  • Google Chrome 33 or above
  • Safari 5 or above


If you are interested in using the FlashAir for document distribution, please contact Toshiba Memory Corporation directly.