Web remote monitoring system

Kanazawa Engineering Systems Inc.

The web remote monitoring system provided by Kanazawa Engineering Systems Inc. can monitor numerical data written in PLCs and data loggers used at factories and other production sites from distant places such as centers and offices. They are using FlashAir as an IoT system.

Simple functionality and ease of setting up without preparing dedicated equipment. IoT can be started with a very reasonable introduction fee.

Example of collected data

  • AD conversion data via temperature controller such as temperature / water temperature
  • DC Motor / Inverter Failure ยท Overload
  • Current value of DC motor / inverter
  • Operating state / operating time of the device etc.

* As a rule, it is imported into PLC and limited to detectable data.


How to Use

  1. PLC or data logger writes CSV data to FlashAir.
  2. Upload the written CSV data to cloud storage while loading it in the Android terminal at regular intervals.
  3. The server PC in the office environment imports what was uploaded to cloud storage.
  4. You can check the data with the web browser of the desktop PC connected to the company network. You can also watch from tablets and smartphones (Android, iPhone, iPad compatible) via radio. (No additional cost for any number)
  5. In addition, you can browse outside the company by separately constructing an environment that can be connected from the Internet.
  6. When an error occurs in the equipment, an email will be delivered to the person in charge.


  • There is no worry that customer information and product information will leak to the outside because CSV data via cloud storage from the field is only numerical values.
  • Through the cloud storage which can be used for free, the server PC can be used by customers without preparing monthly usage fee.
  • The communication cost of Android terminal for using the synchronization application can be kept low price by using a cheap SIM.

This system is provided for domestic use only in Japan. Please contact us for more information.